It was 8:30 PM on a weekday and felt scary while driving lonely through the otherwise busy market street. It’s not a scene from any zombie movie. This was the new normal across the globe and believe it or not, this is going to be like this for an equally long time. This pandemic witnessed the migration of every business into the digital world. Assumably the impact and migration were reckless in the education sector, on every segment in it, and to each stake-holder.

Here we are discussing the upskilling opportunities to be anticipated in education sector and also the behavioural changes witnessed.

Techie Teacher(s)

That’s the new breed of teachers who are on the lookout for. The biggest challenge most of the institutions faced during the initial days of the pandemic was to introduce laptops, keyboards, mouse, and jam-boards to the teaching fraternity. From KG teachers to department heads were forced to spend hours in front of the gadgets to get their portions to reach the students. This is going to last long and teachers will feel free, more comfortable, and effective to adjust between online and offline methods of coaching.

The roles and responsibility of the Teacher are now getting aligned to an “Enabler”, who guide and point towards relevant information than the regular lectures. The teachers have to get self-trained and evolved to be better, by delivering in all modes of teaching. There is a huge opportunity in front of the teachers to know and understand the latest technologies available which will help them to reduce the time spent on admin works like creating notes, questions, and evaluation.

Independent Teachers will always have the feasibility of liaising with knowledge academies like enxcl which can provide with the necessary technology update and coaching to upskill themselves. This opportunity will also alienate the concept of “Geographical Boundary” to a greater extend.

Learning Learners

The students will be more “learners” as they have to complement themselves with either online or offline classes accordingly. As the future might see very few physical classes and more of online classes, the “Study at Own pace” needs to be accustomed by the students.

The students are going to be offered study materials in the learning style they are inclined to. Podcasts, presentations, videos, and subjective offline classes will help the learners to have their own customized learning style. Institutions across the world have opened their doors and have made international courses in the hand’s reach of learners. This is going to be a game-changer in tomorrow’s world as more and more students will have International Certifications in their kitty.

It will be mandated and expected by the potential employers to have their candidates adopted and accustomed to the new normal i.e.  to have a list of certifications completed by the candidates. The candidates to explore and attach themselves to centre of excellence where they gain extra points for employability. The students can always will be in the watch out for Globally Accredited Certifications ( which act as a strong root while building and nourishing their careers

Intuiting Institutions

It will be on the shoulders of the institutions and academicians to curate and deliver a syllabus that suits and customized for each and every one. The additional burden of keeping the teachers updated with the latest technology and building electronic infrastructure to support various requirements to be dealt with due diligently. The institutions have to prepare themselves to bring a unified learning method and thus offering the students a strong learning experience.

The technology feasibility Tying up with industry stalwarts and making an industry connect will become the new normal going forward. Every academic institution of all grades will be forced to highlight their accreditation to industry experts and how they are used. These experts can always help in identifying, curating and delivering industry needed courses and for guidance.

Petrified Parent(ing)

Even though online classrooms, gadgets, and newer opportunities might have kept the parent enthusiastic, but the underlying truth is that – there is a concerned parent out there and the count is increasing day by day. The fear is not only about grooming children inside the four walls but also how much the children are exposed to the “dangerous” online world. Social Distancing has not only confined the children to themselves but has put a question mark on growing as a Social Being. It will be of greater risk that a generation of students/children are deprived of their cultural and sporty talents being exhibited and groomed.

As a closing note, it becomes the responsibility of the Society that, necessary action or positive steps to be taken to bring in better usage of technology reaches the wider learner community. Academicians should drive social engineering activities to bring in camaraderie among students as in classrooms. Also, special attention to be given that no children or learner is deprived of their opportunity citing the unavailability of technology or gadgets. As this is the “ New Normal” let’s sync with the changes and take it forward.