Course: Selenium Automation Testing


  • 30 Hours
  • Professionals with 2 plus years of experience
  • Evening and Weekend
  • Max 7 students per batch


Software Automation Testing using Selenium is designed for upskilling professional to enhance the career. The training will help to master Selenium with hands-on session on how to automate web-based applications and implement various concepts such as WebDriver, Waits, TestNG, Page Object Modeling [POM] and how to use different third-party tools with selenium WebDriver.



  • Sessions delivered by industry experts
  • Live IT projects for real time experience
  • Lab facility
  • Preparation for interviews




  • Introduction, Evolution of Selenium, Components of Selenium
  • Selenium IDE, Setup IDE, Familiarizing the tool, Creating test scripts using IDE
  • Overview of Java class, object, methods and constructors
  • Selenium WebDriver, Setting up Eclipse and Java,
  • Creating and running tests using WebDriver
  • Waits in Selenium
  • Working with different controls, Multiple window handling,
  • Frame and iFrame
  • Drag and drop
  • Browser Profiling
  • TestNG
  • Page Object Modelling
  • Different frameworks, Data driven, Keyword driven, Hybrid
  • Working with third party tools, Jenkins, AutoIT, Sikuli, Maven
  • Introduction to Appium

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