Course: Robotics Process Automation

  • 5 day
  • 40 hours
  • College students, Fresher


  • Max 15 students per batch


 An innovative technology based course designed for college students as a building block for a career in robotics. It’s an adaptive course for those who don’t  have any prior knowledge to robotics.




  • Sessions delivered by industry experts
  • Live IT projects for real time experience
  • Lab facility 




  • Introduction to the specialization, the Modern Robotics code library,, and the light board video-generation tool
  • Configuration space and degrees of freedom of robots
  • Configuration of space topology and representation
  • Rigid body motions, rotation matrices, angular velocity, exponential coordinates of rotation
  • Homogeneous transformation matrices ,twists, screws, exponential coordinates of rigid body motion and wrenches

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