Course: Block chain

  • 5days
  • 40 hours
  • College students, Fresher


  • Max 10 students per batch



Block chain specialisation course provides a broad overview of the essential technologies in block chain management .It’s an exhaustive course  intended for students who want to build a foundational understanding about block chain.



  • Sessions delivered by industry experts
  • Concepts delivered through demos, videos and hands-on project
  • Lab facility




  • Introduction to block chain, centralized vs. decentralized, block ,chain vs database
  • Smart Contract Programming Basics
  • Advantages and Drawbacks of Smart Contracts
  • High-Level Language vs. Low-Level
  • Languages in Comparison Solidity, others
  • Smart Contracts with Solidity
  • The Layout of a Solidity File
  • Write our smart contract
  • Understanding Decentralized Information and Web3
  • Block chain Access structures and Architectures
  • Remote Block chain Nodes vs. Local Block chain Nodes
  • Block chain Access vs. centralized restful API
  • Understanding Web3.js API
  • Understanding Transactions and Consensus
  • Private Keys, Public Keys and Signatures
  • Understanding privacy on pubic Block chains

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